Name: Phenol
  CAS: 108-95-2
  Structural formula: Phenol
  Molecular formula: C6H6O
  Molecular weight: 94.11
 Physical characteristics:

Flashing point, ℃:79.44
Melting point, ℃:40.6
Boiling point(760mm), ℃:181.9
Density(g/ml) 25℃:1.07

 Quality index:

Phenol content%:≥95-99
Appearance:whtie or light red crystal
Crystallization point,℃:40.0min
Neutral oil, %:0.1
Moisture, %:0.2
Product packing:200KG iron drum
Product uses:For manufacturing of phenolic resin and pesticide; Raw material in manufacturing of nylon, epoxy Resin, coating, oil paint, perfume, synthetic detergent and plasticizer