Name: O-Cresol
  CAS: 95-48-7
  Structural formula: O-Cresol
  Molecular formula: C7H8O
  Molecular weight: 108.14
 Physical characteristics:

Flashing point, ℃:178 °F
Melting point, ℃:30-34
Boiling point(760mm), ℃:191
Density(g/ml) 25℃:1.048 g/mL at 25 °C

 Quality index:

Neutral oil, %:<0.5
Appearance: white to light yellow crystal
O-cresol content, %:≥99
Phenolcontent, %:microscale
Content, %:microscale
Moisture, %:0.1
Product packing:200KG iron drum/plastic drum
Product uses: important intermediate of herbicide; as diluent in manufacturing of sanitizer and Preservative; used in organic synthesis